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Wi-FiFree 4G Wi-Fi is available for use on Light Rail and many Express Bus Lines and Select VTA Transit Centers (Winchester, Alum Rock and Chynoweth​​)

  • You can check your emails, post messages to your friends, update your status on your favorite social network 
  • It's really easy to use and you should see the signal when you board or arrive at a transit center. The network name will either be FREEVTAWIFI. Simply agree to the terms of use and make your connections!

Test Rollout of FREE Wi-Fi on VTA buses.

VTA Light Rail has it…Now VTA Buses have it…FREE Wi-Fi!

In the coming months, VTA will be introducing FREE Wi-Fi on VTA buses.  With free Wi-Fi, customers can read the news, catch up with friends on social media, and be as productive as possible on their commute. 
Wi-Fi on buses adds to the growing list of hot spots already available on VTA. With the addition of Wi-Fi, VTA is fast becoming a comprehensive commute solution provider for residents.  Not only are we connecting you to places of business and residents, but we also connect you to each other

The following buses now have Wi-Fi:
Bus numbers 4402 - 4415 (mostly low-floor buses)
Bus numbers 2301 - 2340 (mostly articulated buses)
Bus numbers 4201 - 4220 (mostly Express buses)

The bus numbers can be found on the outside of the bus, typically located on top portion.  In addition, you will also see decals on the outside of the bus, and advertisements inside the bus, notifying you of the availability of Wi-Fi.  If you have any questions or comments about our Wi-Fi service, please contact Customer Service at (408) 321-2300.  

** Please note that the WiFi signal is shared with other customers, so at busy times, your connection may be slower than normal.**


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