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2017 Annual Sustainability Report


The following was written for Headways by VTA's Environmental Planner, Lani Lee Ho.

VTA is proud to present its Annual Sustainability Report. The report documents VTA’s sustainability achievements and environmental performance for the 2017 calendar year.

Sustainability is one of VTA’s Core Values and a key element of VTA’s mission to innovate the way Silicon Valley moves. In just the past year, VTA replaced 198 light fixtures with longer-lasting LED bulbs, installed 152 kilowatts of solar power, and added 54 electric vehicle charging stations. Current and planned projects that further VTA’s environmentally friendly mission include:

  • Converting its diesel bus fleet to zero-emission battery-electric buses. Moving towards an electric fleet, and away from fossil fuels, will help VTA reduce emissions that contribute to climate change and smog.
  • Partnering with local agencies to study climate vulnerability and risk.
  • Continuing to replace lighting with LEDs and install bus shelters that use solar power for lighting and advertising.
  • Promoting recycling and reuse. VTA will continue to operate its reuse center for employees to reuse office supplies, expand its Zero Waste Program in administrative offices, and implement policies to support green building.
  • Monitoring water consumption to identify abnormal use, report leaks, and identify improvements to conserve water. Although the drought emergency was lifted in 2017, conservation remains a way of life in California. At VTA, this means doing what we can to use water wisely in our operations and maintenance activities.
  • Preventing pollution from storm water runoff by keeping storm drains clear of trash and pollutants.
  • Increasing ridership by focusing on efforts to make public transit fast, frequent, and more accessible for pedestrians and bicyclists.
VTA is regarded as a sustainability leader. In 2016, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) awarded VTA with Gold Level sustainability recognition, an achievement earned by only 16 transit organizations in North America. To learn more about VTA’s commitment to sustainability, visit the Sustainability Program page at

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