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A Safer Way to Access VTA Transit at Eastridge Mall


Crossing Capitol Expressway for access to VTA’s Eastridge Transit Center, Eastridge Mall and a Safeway shopping Center just got safer with the completion of a pedestrian crosswalk project.

The project is part of VTA’s “Eastridge Transit Center Improvement and Access Plan” where nearby residents asked for a safer way to cross one of the busiest roadways in San Jose.

Additions to the intersection at Tully Road and Capitol Expressway include a clearly painted cross walk, curb cuts to allow for a safer path to the crosswalk, enhanced lighting, a sensor to allow for extra time to get across and access to the nearby Thompson Creek Trail.

The walkway connects the sidewalk from Tully Road to the Thompson Creek Trail on the east side of Capitol Expressway. The addition of a signalized pedestrian crossing across the Expressway at Eastridge Loop enhances access to the Eastridge Transit Center, which is the second busiest transfer point in VTA’s bus service system, serving 2500 passengers a day with 11 bus routes.

A history of pedestrian-involved collisions along this stretch of Capitol Expressway brought out requests for a safer crossing in the area.  Part of the project included the addition of a fence in the median in an effort to prevent jaywalking.

Additional improvements include modifications to the existing guardrail and new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) approved curb ramps to provide better access to the trail.  The project also includes state-of-the-art sensors that extend the crossing time if pedestrians or bicyclists are still in the crosswalk at the end of the count-down.

VTA led the project design and construction, in collaboration with, and commitment of, staff from the County Roads and Airports Department, City of San Jose’s Trails Program, and Caltrans to ensure the project met all design and permitting requirements.

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