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Rapid 522 Service Now Includes Median Lane Features


VTA's Alum Rock – Santa Clara Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service, Rapid 522, with median lane features, is now available. That means 60-foot VTA articulated buses are in service and will be cruising down Alum Rock Avenue in San Jose, using the center lanes.

All commuters who travel through the area are encouraged to adhere to safety precautions, especially given the new configuration of the street, primarily where left-turns are concerned. The protected left turns, with a dedicated left turn signal light and left turn lane, are placed at every other traffic light along the stretch of Alum Rock Avenue that has the center median lane.

Passengers taking Rapid 522 will notice frequency of every 12 minutes, ensuring that they'll get to their destinations more quickly. The signal priority for these vehicles are designed to shave off crucial minutes during weekday high-commute hours along Alum Rock Avenue and Santa Clara Street from Capitol Avenue to the SAP Center in downtown San Jose.

Sleek, new bus shelters with locally designed artistic elements dot the entire corridor. ‚ÄčAlso, rear door bike loading is easier with new, greater capacity bike racks inside, in addition to the exterior front racks. VTA offers free WiFi on board. VTA launched BRT service in early April, without the center lane features.‚Äč

VTA’s 400+ bus operators underwent extensive training to navigate the corridor’s new lanes and signals. The new BRT service is available at regular fare price. It highlights fewer stops and provides day and night service. Please check with VTA Customer Service (408) 321-2300 for schedule details and consider downloading Transit App to access service updates.


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