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BART Silicon Valley Phase I - Getting to the Finish Line


Phase I of VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Extension, bringing BART from South Fremont into Milpitas and San Jose, is currently in the final phase of system testing before handing over the 10-mile Extension to BART who will then be responsible for integration testing.

Since August 2017, we have shared the sequence of events (and all of the milestones reached to date) that need to take place before BART can safely open the new extension for passenger service.
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Last October, VTA completed static testing, which included all track, communications and signal testing along the trackway. Now, we are far along in the dynamic testing phase, which simulates train service up to 80 miles per hour. We’ve been doing this practically around the clock, two shifts per day. This is the final phase before turning it over to BART for them to conduct integration testing, operator training, and safety certification alongside the California Public Utilities Commission.
Testing is going very well and we expect to be completed with dynamic testing by March 2018. Dedicated trains and BART personnel have been made available for this effort so that when it is handed over to BART, it is anticipated to go much smoother than if we were working in a silo. BART has shared that it may take up to six months to complete its integration testing, operator training, and safety certification. However, VTA is committed to its continued collaboration with BART to meet the target date of June 2018, the date established with the Federal Transit Administration. 

At the end of the day, both VTA and BART are doing everything right and possible to get this to the finish line which ultimately is safe, reliable and fully-integrated BART service to Silicon Valley. Updates will be shared as we approach the completion of the dynamic testing phase.

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