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Frequency of BART Train Testing Intensifies


With noise and vibration impact mitigation in place near VTA's 10-mile BART Silicon Valley Berryessa Extension, train testing along that stretch of railway is intensifying.

Train testing began last summer with periodic runs, increasing the frequency and speed as testing continued over time. Trains may now run up to 20 hours a day, between the Warm Springs/South Fremont Station and the newly built Milpitas and Berryessa stations, with speeds of up to 80 miles per hour in some locations.

Before VTA began building the BART Berryessa Extension, VTA analyzed noise and vibration impacts to the community that would result from future BART service. To comply with the impact levels allowed by state and federal government standards, VTA included mitigation like sound walls, installing triple-paned windows in nearby homes, making the BART tracks quieter, and softening the noise from equipment. Click here to read more about noise and vibration reduction measures that VTA put in place earlier during project construction.

During the testing phase, the train speeds, frequencies, length and overall weight differ than that of what actual passenger service and operations will be.

The noise thresholds that must be met to be in compliance with state and federal regulations are for actual passenger service. Because of this, future noise testing and analysis will begin in several months when simulated service testing begins. BART must conduct this last phase of train testing before the California Public Utilities Commission can certify that all systems are certified to ensure they are correctly designed, constructed, installed, and operating as intended.

The start of passenger service on VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Berryessa Extension will be determined by BART once they begin their phase of testing this summer.

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