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BART SV: Ride a Bike, a Bus, or Walk to the Transit Center!


Driving and parking will not be your only option for accessing the new BART service that will be available when the Milpitas and Berryessa/North San José transit centers open next year. Instead, think bikes, buses or light rail! 

VTA is undertaking a major bus and light rail reorganization timed to take place concurrent with the extension opening that will make taking public transportation to the two new transit centers a breeze. In addition, improvements to local bike lanes and paths will enhance the ability of cyclists to safely ride to the new stations. 

At Berryessa/North San José, there will 28 buses an hour on weekdays calling on the transit center. With Milpitas offering light rail services as well as buses, there will be 42 transfer options an hour. 

For Milpitas, a new VTA light rail line with 15-minute (weekday) service frequency is being added that will provide one-seat service to and from Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and Mountain View. This new, no-transfer service is expected to benefit residents of these communities while also transporting others to the many employment centers located along the light rail corridor. Similar frequency of service will also be offered to downtown San Jose and the Alum Rock Transit Center. 

Ridership models forecast travel between the Berryessa/North San José Transit Center and downtown San Jose will be popular. Two rapid (limited stop) lines will offer speedy connections between the two destinations, with 15 minutes or better service on weekdays and every 15 to 20 minutes on weekends. 

Cyclists and pedestrians will also find the welcome mat put out for them with wide, well-defined pathways and lanes to use while moving around within the tranist centers. Both stations will feature secure e-lockers and bike storage rooms (similar to what is available at many other BART stations), as well as more casual bike racks also being available. In addition, both stations have set aside areas for bike share programs.

At the Berryessa location, a bike path extension has been built that crosses King Road at a signalized intersection and connects the station with the Upper Penintencia Creek Trail. This extension also connects the Berryessa Transit Center with the Bay Ridge Trail. 

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