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Transit Safety is Everyone’s Job


Safety is everyone’s job. Whether you are riding the trains, catching a bus or commuting near our system, please be focused on getting to your destination safely. Here are some things to remember:

Trains are very quiet and their speed and proximity are easy to underestimate. And, like any other vehicle on the road, buses have blind spots. Stay vigilant, be aware of your surroundings and follow the below safety rules at all times.

  • STOP when you see a train. No matter how far the train appears to be, the true distance can be deceiving. Watch for lights and gates when you approach light rail crossings. And remember, trains may be coming from either direction at any time. Do not proceed until the lights stop flashing and gates go up. 
  • LOOK and LISTEN for approaching trains and buses. Remove distractions such as ear buds/ headphones and take a break from mobile devices when approaching tracks and curbs.
  • FOLLOW all directional signs, crosswalks and announcements from train and bus operators.                                                       

  • DON’T CHASE after a train or bus. Arrive at your stop early. Be patient. If you miss your train or bus, another one will arrive shortly. It’s not worth risking your life. Be safe and don't chase!      
  • IF YOU FORGET personal items while traveling on our system, do not chase after a bus or light rail to retrieve them. Call Customer Service at 408-321-2300 for help in securing your items. Again, be safe and don't chase!

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