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Biking to BART Silicon Valley Berryessa and Milpitas Stations


Looking forward to riding a bike to Silicon Valley’s future BART stations?

The plans for bicycle access and parking at VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Extension have been refined and will make it very convenient to ride bikes or walk to the stations. In addition to driving and transit access options, the extension will offer more than 400 secure and weather-protected bike parking spaces, making this environmentally friendly and healthy transportation option even more appealing.

The plans feature off-street bike paths and bicycle stair channels, narrow metal tracks or ramps at the edge of the stairs for bike wheels so you can push you bike up and down a staircase without having to carry it. All the bike parking is located close together in consolidated and highly visible areas with signage, making it easier to bike to BART.

See the diagrams and renderings below to better understand the plans.


The Berryessa BART station’s bike facilities, which will serve the entire transit center, will offer more than 180 bicycle parking spaces including several options: 120 self-service indoor bicycle storage spaces with BikeLink access technology, 20 eLockers (also BikeLink technology, 40 standard bike racks and a 35-space Bay Area Bike Share station. Bicycle parking will be located in the north and south station entrance plazas.

Upper Penitencia Creek Trail is being extended from King Road into the station, with educational displays about the creek habitat, wildlife, and the history of American Indians that historically lived in the area.

You can also expect widened Berryessa and Mabury roads with six-foot on-street bike lanes and directional curb ramps from both streets onto a 12-foot-wide bike path or “cycletrack.” This path will run parallel to the new station entrance street, Berryessa Station Way, connecting with Mabury and Berryessa roads and the Upper Penitencia Creek regional trail system.


The Milpitas BART station’s bike facilities will offer 220 bicycle parking spaces for BART and VTA passengers. They include a 180-space self-service indoor bicycle storage room with BikeLink access technology, 20 eLockers (also BikeLink technology), and 20 standard bike racks outside the bicycle storage room.

We also have plans for a future bike path, the Berryessa Creek Trail connector, which would connect the station to a future creek trail system along Berryessa Creek. This connector path would be built when the creek trail is built.

New six-foot on-street bike lanes will be included on an extension of South Milpitas Boulevard, a new street that will provide access to the BART station. A short bike path will lead from the on-street bike lanes to the consolidated bike parking area. We have plans for a potential Bay Area Bike Share station in the station plaza, but the pilot bike share program does not currently include Milpitas.

Pedestrians will have a new bridge over Capitol Avenue seamlessly and safely connecting the Milpitas BART station and VTA transit center with the Montague light rail station.

VTA is designing and analyzing another pedestrian bridge over Montague Expressway. It would connect the second story of the BART parking structure to the north side of Montague just east of Piper Drive, with stair and elevator access to reach street level. This bridge is not currently funded, but VTA plans to seek grant funding to pay for it.​

How do you plan to travel to the future Berryessa and Milpitas BART stations? If you’ll be biking or walking, which of these features excites you the most?

Milpitas BART station pedestrian and bike access diagram

Milpitas BART station area bicycle and pedestrian access diagram. 

Berryessa BART Station bike and pedestrian access diagram

Berryessa BART station bicycle and pedestrian access diagram.​

Rendering showing Milpitas BART Station bike access.

Rendering showing Milpitas BART Station bike access.​

Berryessa BART station bike path and pedestrian walkway, looking north from Mabury Road towards the station and parking garage

Berryessa BART station bicycle and pedestrian access rendering, looking north from Mabury Road towards the station and parking structure​.

Berryessa BART station and transit center, showing bike and pedestrian facilities.

Berryessa BART station and transit center, showing bike and pedestrian facilities.

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