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Bus Operators Honored by VTA Board


Two VTA bus operators were honored by the VTA Board of Directors March 7 for going above and beyond the call of duty when they helped in the capture of a man wanted by the FBI in two states.

Operators Juan Balleza and Michael Grenz received congratulations and praise from Board members, Chair Teresa O'Neill and General Manager Nuria Fernandez during the regular board meeting.

On February 6, Balleza noticed a man on his bus spreading a suspicious powder.  Balleza stopped the bus, deboarded all of his passengers, then called for help, but the suspect ran off. After VTA's Operations Control Center notified other bus operators to be on the lookout, Mr. Grenz then spotted the suspect about an hour later. Grenz alerted the Transit Patrol and the passenger was caught and arrested.

The actions by these operators is a testament to our ongoing commitment to our safety motto of “See something, say something.”

Because so many of our employees are in daily contact with the public, they are in a crucial position to be able to support the work of law enforcement, including our partners at the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office. 

Congratulations to operators Balleza and Grenz!

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