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Check Out VTA’s New Solar Powered RTI Signs


Have you seen VTA’s new real time information (RTI) signs? As part of a pilot effort, real-time display monitors are available at select bus stops and light rail stations throughout San Jose.

The display monitors, mounted to existing sign poles, are about the size of an iPad and provide updated schedule information.

If ever you find yourself at the bus stops at Alum Rock and Jackson, Ocala and King, or Story and King, you can check out these new solar-powered electronic signs. A fourth unit will be installed at River Oaks and First Street in a few weeks.

These new electronic information signs focuses on providing real time information about VTA buses as a convenience for customers. Each sign has capabilities that include:

Real time arrival or departure times 
VTA’s Automated Vehicle Location System uses GPS location for every bus and generates an arrival or departure prediction at each bus stop along its route. The electronic information sign gets frequent arrival updates from our back end prediction engine through a 4G cellular data connection.  

Bus time table/schedules 
VTA can quickly communicate schedule changes, holiday or special event schedules, or service delays, which was not possible with paper schedules. The electronic schedule can easily and quickly be downloaded to the unit.

Solar Solution/Efficiency 
Installation of VTA’s older LED Real Time Information signage required AC 120V power be ran to the shelter—this effort is costly, requires permits, and takes one to two days to install. Being a solar powered eliminates the connection to AC 120V power and results in installation times of about one hour. Also, moving a solar powered digital sign is now possible and can be accomplished in a few hours.

These new RTI signs are just one of many efforts that VTA is initiating to better serve our customers and make public transit more convenient and easy to use. 

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