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Going to Super Bowl 50? You Must Have an EventTIK Mobile Ticket


Taking VTA to Super Bowl 50?  Here's what you need to know.  

There are 14 stops throughout VTA's light rail system (see map below- footballs denote special game service stations) where you can catch a direct, limited-stop train to Levi's Stadium.  In order to get on the train,  you must have a ticket to the game and a pre-purchased EventTIK fare which you download on your smart phone.
It’s easy: just download the app, enter your credit card, and purchase your pass.  You’ll show the pass on your smartphone screen to fare inspectors at the select light rail stations where you can board special Super Bowl 50 trains.

VTA will sell up to 12,000 EventTIK fares, so get yours now!  
Visit our Super Bowl 50 gameday service page or see the map below for more information about how to get to the game and where Super Bowl 50 special trains will stop.

Map of VTA's gameday light rail service to Super Bowl 50


Click One of the Icons Below to Download EventTIK for iOS or Android

Download VTA FLEX in the iTunes App StoreDownload VTA FLEX app in the Google Play Store

The gameday fare is $20 round trip (which includes all-day travel on all VTA service), or $40 for a combined Caltrain and VTA round trip ticket. You can buy and store multiple passes through the app if you’re traveling with a group.

If you have any questions about our service before or during the Super Bowl, please call us at (408) 321-2300, email, or tweet @VTAservice.


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