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Look, Listen and Pay Attention - California Rail Safety Month


September is Rail Safety Month in California, and VTA is asking you to look, listen and pay attention around our light rail system. 
Remember to:

LOOK both ways before crossing our tracks. Watch for warning signs and stay behind the yellow line when you’re on a light rail platform.

Remove your headphones and LISTEN for the light rail train and any audible warning signals that let you know a light rail train is approaching.

PAY ATTENTION to warning signs and street and pedestrian crossing gates. They are there to protect you and remind you to only cross the tracks when it is safe to do so. 
For more safety tips, watch and share our new safety video!  
At VTA, safety is our number one priority. Throughout this month, VTA will also be launching a campaign to remind the public about the importance of moving safely on and around our light rail system.  Look for VTA staff at various light rail stations, Viva Calle on September 23, locally sponsored safety events, and on social media sharing safety tips.
According to Nancy Sheehan, the state coordinator of California Operation Lifesaver, a non-profit safety education and awareness program dedicated to ending incidents at highway-rail grade crossings and on railroad rights of way, there were 114 deaths and 89 injuries of railroad trespassers in 2017. There were 38 rail-crossing fatalities and 58 injuries the same year.
In a recent interview Sheehan said, “We are a very distracted society.” She added that train-vs-person accidents, for example, “… can be reduced if people simply pay attention and are in a little bit less of a hurry.”
Safety is everyone’s job. We encourage you to follow the rules and help spread the word so that others do as well.

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