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Meet Matt Ybarra, Lifelong VTA Rider


“Not having to worry about this traffic is amazing. I love it.”

Meet Matt Ybarra, 33. He’s been riding VTA since he was a kid, and now rides five days per week to and from his tech job in San Jose.

“I would tell anybody who doesn’t ride transit to really give it a chance and get away from the wheel for at least a couple days of the week. It’s so much more relaxing,” says Ybarra. “You don’t have to deal with all this bumper-to-bumper stuff all the way to and from work.”

Bonus: “free WiFi on the trains. Check your emails. Have so much done by the time you get to work.”

A San Jose native, Ybarra remembers his father taking him to Downtown San Jose on light rail.

“It was always a big experience for me as a kid,” he says.

Matt says he’s often trying to convince his friends to ride VTA buses and light rail instead of dealing with driving and parking, or spending big bucks on Uber.

Ybarra lives car-free, so transit isn’t only for work.

“I like to go to different street fairs like the Downtown Campbell Oktoberfest,” says Ybarra. “Or sometimes I’ll take the light rail to Diridon and jump on Caltrain. It’s just a great way to not have to worry about the stresses of driving.”

Why do you ride? Email if you’d like to share your story. 

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