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More Choices for Traveling Your Way


Now you have more options and choices in planning your transit and biking trips than ever before!

Starting Feb. 14, you'll find VTA's Trip Planner on our home page alongside the Google Trip Planner. If you prefer the old one you can still choose it, but we hope you'll give ours a try and tell us what you think.

Unlike other trip planners, VTA’s new multi-modal trip planner allows you to choose your preferred mode of travel or a combination of modes including – walking, biking and riding transit.

The mobile-optimized web app is easy to use and features real time information and multiple modal options including transit, drive-to-transit, walking, and bicycling directions making your trip planning predictable and convenient.      

Check it out at, then let us know what you think! We'll be considering future improvements based on user feedback.

Screen shot of VTA's Trip Planner top view.VTA's Trip Planner screenshot showing help me choose options.
Screenshot of VTA's Trip Planner options‚ÄčScreenshot of VTA's Trip Planner trip details 

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