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Take VTA to Major Holiday Shopping Destinations or to Your Local Retailer


You might be sleepy from the Thanksgiving feast and leftovers this weekend, but now is no time to rest. The holiday shopping season begins in earnest on Black Friday, and VTA can be a stress-free way to get to shopping destinations without having to search for that elusive parking spot.

Whether you’re going to the mall or shopping small business retailers near your home, VTA can take you there.

The list below isn’t comprehensive, but gives you an idea of which places VTA can take you to do your holiday shopping. Check out the trip planner at to plan your route. Here are some major shopping destinations we reach and the lines that go to them:

Valley Fair/Santana Row: Traffic and parking can be brutal any time of year here. VTA serves this area with lines 23 and 60, as well as the Limited 323, which makes fewer stops to get you there faster.

Eastridge Mall: VTA has a Transit Center located at Eastridge, so there are many bus lines that bring you worry-free to shopping here: 12, 22, 26, 31, 39, 70, 71, 77, 103, 180 and 522.

Great Mall: VTA also has a Transit Center here, with multiple options to bring you to this destination. Bus lines 46, 47, 66, 70, 71, 77, 104, 180, 181, and 321 serve this Transit Center, and trains on light rail line 901 will take you here as well.

Westgate Mall/El Paseo de Saratoga: 26, 57, 58, 82, 101, 328

Stanford Shopping Center: 22, 35, 522

Vallco Shopping Center:  23, 26, 323, 81, 101, 182

San Jose Flea Market: 12, 62, 77

Oakridge Mall: Bus lines 13 and 27 as well as trains on light rail line 900 will bring you to the mall.

Gilroy Outlets: Line 14 will get you to the Outlets from the Gilroy Transit Center.

Did we leave someplace out? Check our maps to see what routes go to the destinations you’d like to reach.


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