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Twin Sisters Paint Two VTA Bus Benches


What could possibly top a community service project where a Girl Scout earns a Silver Award by hand painting (with permission of course!) a local Willow Glen scene on a VTA bus bench?

How about twin sisters painting two bus benches?  

That’s just what Sophia and Olivia Andrakin recently did. Each painted a bench on Newport Avenue at Pine Avenue. Both benches are adjacent to St. Francis Episcopal Church on Pine, which is where their Girl Scout troop meets.

Sophia painted the picture of the Willow Glen skyline, while Olivia painted the image of a dog and bicycle.  These benches are part of the current VTA Bus Line 82, which will morph into VTA Line 56 when VTA’s redesigned transit service goes into effect to coincide with the start of BART Silicon Valley passenger service.

Thank you Sophia and Olivia for brightening up our bus routes and our community!

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