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VTA Donates Buses to Serve Homeless Vets


As part of an ongoing commitment to finding solutions that move you, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) has donated four of its community buses to the Homeless Veterans Emergency Housing Facility (Veterans Facility) in San Jose.

The vehicle donation is a result of ongoing discussions dating back more than six months, when representatives from the Veterans Facility approached VTA after learning that Bus Line 45 was being considered for termination under VTA’s Transit Service Redesign Plan.

“They came to us to help address the veterans’ transportation needs. Upon closer review, we recognized that their needs were unique, specifically regarding weekend service, and concluded that donating a few of our 25-seat vehicles would better serve the facility,” said VTA Chief of Operations Inez Evans.

Typically, VTA auctions off older fleet vehicles when they no longer satisfy industry requirements for public transport. VTA staff identified four community buses that were scheduled to be auctioned off and instead of auctioning them off recommended them for donation to the Veterans Facility. After determining that staff from the Veterans Facility would be capable of driving such vehicles, VTA began the process to donate the vehicles.
The four vehicles are 2008 Eldorado community buses previously used by VTA and have a combined total estimated value of several thousand dollars. Each are 27-feet long with a 25-space seating capacity and can be reconfigured to accommodate up to two wheelchairs (25 seats without wheelchairs, 19 seats with 2 wheelchairs, or 21 seats with 1 wheelchair).
VTA’s decision to donate these vehicles is based on its ongoing commitment to be more innovative with its approach to address transportation issues in the community. More fleet donations are anticipated in the future, following an evaluation of the requesting organization, as well as availability of vehicles.

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