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VTA Rises to the Challenge for Paratransit Customers


Acting to ensure the least amount of disruption of service to VTA paratransit customers, the VTA Board of Directors unanimously approved a $12.5 million contract with MV Transportation to provide emergency paratransit services. The Board’s action comes after an earlier disruption to paratransit service with former VTA contractor, Outreach and Escort, Inc.

“We want our paratransit customers to know that we are responding to this as an emergency situation,” said Nuria Fernandez, VTA General Manager and CEO. “VTA is prepared to provide the paratransit services needed by not only VTA customers but other customers who depend on Outreach services through various programs with the County of Santa Clara.”

The newly executed contract with MV for emergency paratransit services allows VTA to keep the same vehicles and drivers, with whom the customers are familiar, in service. The contract is for a term of five months with the option to extend as needed.

One change for the customer is the number to call to request reservations through VTA’s Customer Service Line. The new number is (408) 321-2300. A call center has been established at VTA headquarters, equipped with computers, phone lines, and agents to take reservations.

“We want our customers to know that we are responding to this emergency and they are our number one priority,” said VTA Board Chair Cindy Chavez.

MV was the subcontractor of Outreach and has been with VTA for over a decade. MV is a national organization, familiar with the current VTA operation, and is one of the largest paratransit providers in the country.

VTA serves about 7,000 paratransit customers, making approximately 2,500 trips daily. VTA stands ready to continue service to all paratransit customers, including many who were not previously registered for VTA services. 


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