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VTA's Next Network Concepts


VTA is starting the process of redesigning its bus transit network. Today we reveal three conceptual network designs that will guide our conversation with the community throughout the summer.  

When considering options to better serve transit customers and sustain VTA, it is essential to examine the “ridership coverage balance.”  Presently, about 70 percent of VTA’s operating funds for bus and light rail go to ridership-oriented services. Those are routes that operate frequently in major transit corridors where demand for transit is high. About 30 percent of those funds go to coverage-oriented services. These are routes outside of major corridors where demand for transit is low. The question before VTA is to whether that balance should change and, if so, how?

To aid in the discussion of what changes should be made, VTA has developed three network concepts that show what our next network might look like if designed at different points along the ridership-coverage balance. The points that we have identified along the ridership-coverage balance for VTA are 70-30 (the current balance), 80-20 and 90-10. These concepts, not proposals, are solely intended to illustrate how changing the way we spend our resources affects the design of the network.

As we discussed in the first post in this series of blogs, VTA’s ridership has been stagnant and our farebox recovery rate is low compared to other agencies our size. Some are calling for the system to be redesigned using more funding on the ridership goal and less funding on the coverage goal in order to achieve higher ridership and therefore an improved farebox rate. Others are concerned that focusing more on ridership will leave some areas without access to any transit service.  To give you an idea of what may be considered, below is a comparison of the concept alternatives.  Note that orange routes are rapid routes and operate every 10 minutes or better. Red routes operate every 15 minutes. Blue routes operate half-hourly. Green routes operate hourly.

Next Network 90-10 System Concept Map
80-20 System Concept Map
80-20 System Conceptual Map
70 - 30 System Conceptual Map
​How do you think VTA should balance the ridership and coverage goals? Is there a concept that you like better than others? Are there different elements you like about some of the concepts and not others?  

Join the conversation and community meetings will be held throughout Santa Clara County, find one of the Next Network Community Meetings near you.

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