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VTA’s Transit Service Redesign Plan is Approved


VTA's plan to do an extensive redesign of its transit service network was approved unanimously by the VTA Board of Directors at the agency’s May 4 Board meeting.

The Board Directors moved forward with the plan with the following caveats: maintain Bus Route 45, consider operating Rapid 500 on San Fernando Street, coordinate with cities on alternative mobility options and establish an evaluation framework for ongoing plan refinements.  

The Board decision concludes the planning portion of the transit service plan, which included extensive input with more than 3,000 comments from members of the public.
Our Final FY18-19 Transit Service Plan:

  • Increases service levels in high-ridership areas and decreases service levels in low-ridership areas.
  • Increases frequencies on many routes.
  • Expands the number of Rapid Routes.
  • Increases the number of residents and jobs with access to frequent service by 160,000 and 150,000 respectively.
  • Extends service later in the evening on many routes and adds more service on weekends.
Under the plan, VTA Light Rail service will be modified to include the following:
  • A new Orange Line that runs from Mountain View to Milpitas and then to the Alum Rock Transit Center, will be an option and will run every 15 minutes on weekdays.
  • The Green Line from Mountain View to Winchester will end at Mountain View-Old Ironsides but will run every 15 minutes on weekdays.
  • Express trains from Santa Teresa to Baypointe will turn around at St. James but we will double the number of trains to six morning and six evening trains.
For route-by-route details of the Final Transit Service Plan, please visit

When will the approved changes become effective?
Although VTA’s fiscal year begins in July 2017, the approved changes will not be implemented until passenger service on VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Extension is available, which is currently projected by the end of the calendar year.
VTA may make incremental transit service changes throughout the remainder of 2017 but those changes will be relatively minor. Later this year, VTA will also begin an Express Bus Study that will assess changes in travel patterns and land use, analysis of current express bus ridership, an evaluation of the cost of operating service within the context of VTA’s operating budget and coordination with cities and employers.

In addition, the VTA Board of Directors are expected to make decisions on VTA’s Fare Policy and Measure B at the June Board of Directors Meeting as part of VTA’s Annual Budget recommendation. The Final Transit Service Plan will be reviewed in conjunction with those decisions.

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