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Pilot Striping for State Route 237 Express Lanes Will Remain


VTA and Caltrans performed a comprehensive safety and operations monitoring program for the past six months to determine if the dashed pilot striping would remain in place past December 2015 or if the original double solid white striping would be reinstated. The results of the study are in and the dashed striping will stay. The results show that the pilot configuration improved access in a safe manner and successfully provided early access to carpoolers from Calaveras Boulevard and for earlier exit to North First Street.
Prior to June 24, 2015, double solid white striping on westbound 237 extended past North First Street in San Jose. Express Lane access was modified for the past six months between the Zanker Road on-ramp and North First Street off-ramp. As a pilot project, about 4,100 feet of existing double solid white striping was replaced by new dashed striping which indicates new entry and exit points, allowing eligible carpoolers earlier exit/entry to the express lane. The existing SR 237 Express Lanes endpoint for the transition zone near Lawrence Expressway in Sunnyvale remained unchanged.

The striping affects two groups of commuters as follows and as shown in the below diagram:

  • Carpoolers traveling from southbound I-880 to westbound SR 237 will now be able to exit the Express Lane just after the Zanker Road overpass, and use the exit at North First Street.
  • Carpoolers entering westbound SR 237 from Calaveras Boulevard, McCarthy Boulevard, and Zanker Road will now be able to access the express lane just after the Zanker Road overpass.
237 express lanes map

Since SR 237 Express Lanes were opened in March 2012, over 200,000 hours of total travel time savings have been gained in the entire corridor (in both express and general purpose lanes). An average of 10,000 solo drivers each week have opted to pay a fee for a more reliable and faster commute alternative, totaling over 2 million vehicles (or about 20% of the total volume) since inception. Average travel times savings for solo drivers in the Express Lane is currently up to 14 minutes.

Using 237 Express Lanes

Visit the Using Express Lanes section of our website to learn more about hours, tolls, FasTrak requirements, and other details of using 237 Express Lanes.

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