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Smart Cycling Training

If you like bicycling and you want to feel more comfortable and be safer you can take Smart Cycling courses. During spring and summer 2018, VTA & County Public Health Department offered a series of in-class and on-bike Smart Cycling training. Currently, there are no courses scheduled but if you would like to take a course in the future you may add yourself to the waiting list to be notified when new courses are available.

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Why participate?

  • Gain confidence and feel more secure when riding a bicycle on city streets.
  • Support your local Safe Routes to School Program.
  • Understand how traffic laws apply to bicyclists.
  • Learn how to teach safe cycling to your own children.
  • Learn skills that help bicyclists and car drivers safely share our roadways.
  • Save money, improve your health, and protect our environment through bicycling!
The training will cover safe bicycling, basic bicycle maintenance, Rules of the Road, bicycle commuting, and more! All participants must be high school age or older.

Time Commitment

The 4-hour in-class training session is an interactive workshop with presentations that cover all the bicycling knowledge you need.

The on-bike training session is 5 hours during which you will practice bicycling skills in a parking lot and on roads with traffic. You will take both a written test and an on-bike road test. The pre-requisite for the on-bike session are:
  1. Completion of the in-class session,
  2. Know how to ride a bike and have some experience riding on city streets
  3. Have a bicycle and helmet which you bring with you to the class. Bicycle gloves are recommended but not required.
If you attend and pass both sessions you receive a League of American Bicyclists Smart Cycling certificate. You may take the in-class session on its own and it will make you a safer bicyclist and driver, but to take the on-bike session you must complete the in-class session first. Taking both is highly recommended and is also excellent preparation before getting a driver’s license.

Do you need on-site or in-school bicycle training?

There are many certified League Cycling Instructors (LCI’s) in Santa Clara County who may be hired to do on-site, in-school, and other custom bicycle training classes. If you would like to contact one or more of them directly, visit the League of American Bicyclists Directory and click on the League Cycling Instructors list to find all of the instructors near you.

You may also send an email to VTA’s Bicycle Program Staff will relay your need to our most recently trained local LCIs and/or direct you to other resources that may be of assistance.

League Cycling Instructor (LCI) Seminars

Do you love working with kids? Are you a competent bicyclist who wants to teach others how to bicycle safely in your community? Do you love demonstrating and speaking in public? Did you have a great time completing the Smart Cycling course? Then please sign up to become a certified League Cycling Instructor!

What is a League Cycling Instructor?

Learn more about how to become a League Cycling Instructor.

Steps to Become a League Cycling Instructor (LCI)

  1. Be a league member
  2. Complete a Smart Cycling class and pass both the written and on-bike exam
  3. Take the three-day LCI Seminar

The Ideal Candidate Will:

  • Be enthusiastic about supporting and teaching safe bicycling.
  • Enjoy working with all age groups, especially youth. Experience working with youth is highly desirable
  • Have a flexible schedule which will allow teaching during school hours to support Safe Routes to School programs.
  • Be comfortable speaking before groups.
  • Be a Santa Clara County resident or demonstrate familiarity with or ability to support Santa Clara County communities.
  • Successfully complete the LCI Seminar prerequisites, which consist of a Smart Cycling Course (four hours of online or classroom AND five hours of on-bike training and a passing grade on the examination).
  • Bilingual candidates are especially encouraged to apply.

Time Commitment

  • The LCI Seminar consists of 24 hours of instruction both in-class and on-bike over the course of 3 days.

Other Requirements

  • Completion of Smart Cycling is a prerequisite for enrollment in the LCI seminar.
  • League of American Bicyclists (LAB) requires all LCI’s to be members of the League.
  • All participants must be 18 or older due to LAB’s insurance policy.

League Cycling Instructor Seminar Schedule

VTA offered two LCI seminars in summer 2018 at VTA’s River Oaks office. No LCI courses are scheduled at this time in Santa Clara County but they will likely be offered again in the future. Please add your name to the Santa Clara County LCI Seminar Waiting List if you would like to be notified of future local seminars.

If you are willing to travel elsewhere in the US, see the League of American Bicyclists LCI Seminar schedule.


If you have any questions about bicycle training programs in Santa Clara County, please email:

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