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Employment FAQ’s

After I submit my application, what happens next?
Your application will be routed to a Human Resources Analyst and they will notify you in regards to your status in the recruitment process. 

Am I required to list experience for each job (classification title) I have held separately?
Yes, you should list separately all the experience for each classification title (job) held over the past ten years. Applications must be completed in sufficient detail and clarity to permit a comprehensive review and evaluation. Any experience omitted from the application cannot be considered.
Are eligible candidates required to pass a physical examination?
Yes, after a conditional offer of employment is made, eligible candidates are required to take and pass a physical examination.
Are eligible candidates required to pass a drug test?
All new members of the VTA workforce are required to pass a drug screen test. The panel of tested drugs is more extensive for safety sensitive employees, in adherence with Department of Transportation regulations. A positive drug test precludes the applicant for 6 months.
Can anyone apply for “Promotional Opportunities”?
No, the Promotional Jobs shown on the website are open only to Santa Clara Valley Transportation employees. All other persons may only apply for open competitive opportunities on the Job Opportunities page.
Can I submit an application for someone else using my account?
No, each individual applicant must create their own account.
Can I use an email account of another applicant?
No, you should never use the email address of another applicant. To do so may result in disqualification from the employment process. Sharing email accounts can put the confidentiality of your application at risk and create confusion as to the identity of the applicant.
Can you notify me when a particular job opens?
If our current openings do not include jobs you are interested in at this time, you may complete a Job Interest Card request. You can sign up for e-mail notifications by selecting specific job categories and you will be notified by e-mail once the position(s) you are interested in is open for recruitment.
Do I need to have an email address to apply online?
Yes, the system requires an email address as part of the log-in identification. Also, your email address allows you to be notified of your application receipt and you may receive additional examination information.
Do I need to include proof of education when I submit my application?
Yes, you must include either a copy of your transcript or your diploma. This documentation should be uploaded as a pdf file. Failure to do so, may prevent you from moving forward in the recruitment process.
Do you offer special services for persons with disabilities?
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Santa Clara Valley Transportation
Authority will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified applicants with the employment application and testing processes.
In order to request accommodation assistance, complete agency-wide questions 10 and 11 on the employment application and send an email to Belle Pannu, Senior Human Resources
Analyst at with the requested accommodation along with any supporting documentation. Please submit your request in sufficient time prior to the closing deadline to allow for appropriate consideration. The subject line of the email must include “Reasonable Accommodation Request.”
Alternatively, you may contact us via one of the options below:
Belle Pannu: (408) 546-7952
Human Resources General Phone Number: (408) 321-5575
General Human Resources Email:
California Relay Services 711:  1-800-735-2929 – English  1-800-855-3999 – Spanish
Do veterans receive any preference in the hiring process?
Veterans do not receive Veteran preference points.
How can I update my application materials?
An applicant can update their master account profile information by clicking on the Profile link and editing Contact Information, Personal Information, Work Experience, Education, Additional Information (Certificates and Licenses, Skills, Languages, Supplemental Information) and References. With the exception of the applicant email address, these updates DO NOT automatically translate into previously submitted applications. Rather, the updates are used as a foundation for the next time the candidate submits an application.
How do I add an attachment to my application?
From the Attachments section of the application, follow the steps below:
1.        Click Attachment link
2.        Click “Add supplemental attachment”
3.        Select the attachment type from the dropdown menu,
4.        Click the “Upload” link
5.        Locate the file you would like to upload
How do I apply online or create an account?
View our list of employment opportunities. Once you find a position of interest, click on the “Apply” option located to the right of the job title. You will then create an account that must include a unique username and password. 
How do I keep informed about available jobs?
You can receive immediate notification of promotional and/or career opportunities by completing an on-line Job Interest Card as follows:
1.       Go to our Employment page.
2.       Click on "Job Categories".
3.       If you are interested in a job for which we are not currently recruiting, complete the on-line Job Interest Card  and then on the 'Notify me when this position becomes available' link.
4.       You will need to input your contact information and a valid e-mail address.
5.       Job Interest Cards are valid for 12 months, so you must subscribe annually.
How do I know that VTA has successfully received my online application?
After you have submitted your online application, the system will display a confirmation page acknowledging your application has been submitted. You will also receive an email confirmation from Additionally, you can check the status of your application to verify if your application has been received.
How long will my sitting/session remain active for me to complete the application?
You have to remain active within any session, otherwise your session will timeout after 60 minutes of inactivity (not moving to the next screen).
Note: Even if you are entering your experience and it takes you longer than 60 minutes, your session will timeout.
How will I receive my test results?
Applicants will receive their test results via email.
I do not see the job that I am interested in today. Does the VTA have more career opportunities?
You can only apply for current job listings; however, you are encouraged to sign up for a Job Interest Card. This feature provides you with the opportunity to select job categories that interest you, which will generate automatic emails when a new job becomes available. 
If I fail a test, how long do I have to wait before I can retest?
For a written test, if you fail on the first attempt, you must wait a minimum of 45 days before you can retest for that job classification. If you fail on the second attempt, you must wait a minimum of 90 days, from the date of the second test, before you are eligible to retest for that job classification. If you do not pass on the third attempt, you must wait a minimum of 6 months, from the date of the third test, before you are eligible to retest for that job classification. For all performance tests, if you fail you must wait a minimum of 6 months before being eligible to retest for that job classification.
What do I do if I did not receive my email notice for the job announcement I applied to?
If you do not receive your email notice after submitting an application, check your spam or junk mail and verify the email address on your account. If the email address on your account is incorrect, please correct it on your master profile. 
What do I do if I forget my username or password?
If you forgot your username, go to Forgot Username and enter your email address that was used to sign up. Your username will be delivered to your email address.
If you forgot your password, go to Reset Password and will email you instructions on how to reset your password.
What if my email changes?
It is important that your email address is current in You will need to go into your master profile and make the change. 
What is an eligible list and how are eligibility list used?
An eligible list is a list of applicants who have applied and passed the initial screening and applicable examinations and may be qualified to fill future vacancies within a job classification. 
Eligible Lists typically remain in effect for six months. However, Eligible Lists may be abolished by Human Resources at any time during the six month period. Eligible Lists may be extended by Human Resources up to two years. Your placement on the Eligible List does not guarantee an interview.
What is Change of Classification (COC)? Who can apply? When are applications accepted?
COC is described as a “non-temporary COC that includes promotions, transfers, voluntary demotions and movement from one classification to another at the same pay level” (ATU CBA section 8.1). Only active VTA employees, represented by ATU, local 265 are eligible to apply for a COC, as outlined in the ATU/VTA contract. Twice a year, in March and September, from the 1st through the 15th, COC applications are accepted.
What requirements must I meet to be eligible for a recruitment?
To be eligible for a recruitment you must meet the minimum requirements listed on the job posting bulletin.
When are new jobs posted?
Positions are opened throughout the week. For internal employees, the Job Opportunities List and Bulletins are only distributed each Monday, so it is important to visit our Job Opportunities page for any updates that may have occurred throughout the remainder of the week. Filling out a Job Interest Card can be the most useful way to get job posting updates, so that you do not miss an opportunity to apply. 
When will there be a Bus Operator opening?
Typically there is a Bus Operator recruitment once or twice a year, depending on the department’s need. The position is typically posted for one week. Filling out a Job Interest Card can be the most useful way to get these updates, as it will notify you when a new Operator recruitment will be opening. 
Who is eligible for Internship opportunities?
To be eligible for an Internship position you must be a full time student enrolled in High School or accredited Community College, College or University, as under graduate or graduate student, or student participating in work study or other approved internship program.
Who is the supervisor of an open position and where is it located?
Please contact the Recruitment & Selection Unit at (408)321-5575 for this information.