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VTA Newsroom: VTA Transportation Handbook

The VTA Transportation Handbook is a reference guide provided to help individuals, organizations, elected officials, and policy-makers understand transportation in Silicon Valley.  It describes the full breadth and complexity of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), a multi-faceted transportation organization providing transportation solutions that meet the evolving mobility needs of Silicon Valley, an area that is critical to the economic vitality of the United States. 

The VTA Transportation Handbook describes in detail VTA’s roles and responsibilities, its vision and goals, and the issues and challenges that it faces.  In addition, the handbook includes detailed information on VTA’s governance, organizational structure and budget; its Congestion Management Agency responsibilities; and the public transit services that it provides.  Finally, as a reference tool, the VTA Transportation Handbook includes information on transportation planning and programming; key transportation capital improvement projects in Silicon Valley; and federal, state and local sources of funding for transportation.

The VTA Transportation Handbook is updated approximately every two years.  The current edition, published in 2009, is divided into the following sections, which may be accessed by clicking on the chapter titles: 

Cover and Table of Contents

Chapter 1        Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
Chapter 2        Introduction to Transportation Funding
Chapter 3        Public Transit Services
Chapter 4        Linking Land Use with Transportation
Chapter 5        Congestion Management Program
Chapter 6        Transportation Planning and Programming
Chapter 7        Transportation Capital Improvement Projects
Chapter 8        Glossary and Index