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Farebox How-To

new fareboxCoins: You can use any U.S. coin up to $1.00 in value.  Insert them one at a time. Foreign coins and slugs will be rejected.

Cash: The farebox will accept $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills. Bills need to be unfolded and inserted one at a time.

Note: Fareboxes do not make change. Please use exact fare when boarding.

Day Pass Tokens: Simply drop your token in the coin insertion slot and a “smart” Day Pass will be automatically issued. The farebox will not accept any tokens other than VTA day pass tokens.

Boarding with a Day Pass: If you are using a “smart” Day Pass, tag it on the target on the left-hand side of the farebox. If you have a Day Pass from light rail, simply show it to the operator.

Boarding with a Clipper Card: Tag Clipper cards on the Clipper reader located next to the farebox.

Transfers: To board using a paper transfer or pass from ACE, or Capitol Corridor, give your transfer or show your pass to the coach operator. To board using a Highway 17 Express or MST pass, just swipe the pass in the magnetic stripe reader.

Farebox Benefits

The fareboxes will ensure accurate fare collection and provide information to help VTA better focus its service to the ever-changing needs of its passengers.

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Farebox Video

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Light Rail Service Disruption: June 22-23, Bus Bridge for 901 & 902, north & southbound between Karina and Santa Clara stations.

Cottle Parking Lot Closed for Repaving: No Parking at the Cottle Light Rail Station June 22, 23, and 29.