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Accessibility: Bus and Light Rail - Service Information

Stop announcements

VTA buses and light rail vehicles are equipped with an internal and external stop annunciation system. On buses, the internal system audibly calls out stops along bus routes at transfer points, at major intersections, and at destinations. Bus stops are also displayed on bus visual display boards. The external enunciator announces the route and destination of the bus. This information is also presented on a visual display board on the side and front of the bus. Light rail vehicles audibly announce and visually display station names, destination, and when a stop has been requested.

If the annunciation system is experiencing malfunctions, VTA Operators will call out the time-point bus stops along the routes and any bus stops passengers may request. 


VTA buses provide information about their route number and direction of travel:

  • On headsigns;
  • Side markers; and
  • The internal and external annunciation system
V T A bus stopBus Stops

All VTA bus stop signs display the VTA logo, VTA web address, and the customer service phone number. Bus stop signs also display routes served at each particular bus stop. Most bus stop poles are identified with Braille.

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Notices & Service Alerts

Last update: 10/20/2017

Reroute For Lines 25 & 73: due to Silicon Valley Heart & Stroke Walk 10/21

South 11th at Williams Temporary Bus Stop Closure: Concrete repairs will close this stop for approximately two weeks.

Rail Construction at Taylor, Hedding: Night work October 13-30, 2017

Temporary Bus Stop Relocation: for lines 25 & 60 through August 2019