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Real Time Information - Light Rail Help

The Real Time Transit Information (RTI) System allows you to see where your train is, the expected wait time until the next train, and the locations of light rail platforms.
  • RTI Navigation ArrowsNavigation arrows permit map scrolling and you may also zoom in or out of the map using the “+” and “-” buttons below the navigation arrows.

  • The TransLOC screen initially shows the Santa Clara County map with blue, green, and orange lines representing the three different light rail lines VTA operates.  You may choose the route(s) you want to look at by selecting either one or more from the left menu.

Blue: Alum Rock-Santa Teresa (Route 901)
Green: Mountain View-Winchester (Route 902)
Orange: Ohlone/Chynoweth-Almaden (Route 900)

transloc home screen

(Note: You have the option of viewing the map in Normal or Satellite view, you can change the map view by using the selection menu on the top left of the screen, next to the navigation arrows)

  • Markers of coordinating colors along the light rail routes show the current locations of the various trains in operation. Arrows within the markers show the rails’ direction of travel.

Light Rail Markers

  • Color coded circles appear when you zoom into the map. These circles show the different light rail stations along the selected route(s).  When you click on the circles, a dialogue box showing the station’s name, trains’ direction of travel from the particular platform, and the estimated wait time until the next two light rails. For detailed instructions on accessing real time information on your mobile devices, click on the “Mobile” option on the top TransLOC menu.

Station Dialogue Box

  • If you do not have a smartphone or mobile device that allows you to access VTA’s website and RTI system on the go, the dialogue box also provides texting information; you can use any phone with texting capability to send a text to VTA with the station number provided and you will receive a text message with real time light rail information for your particular location.
  • A search box in the top right corner allows you to look up a route, stop, or address by typing.  You may also use the “Text” link on the top right TransLOC menu to access this option.

Notices & Service Alerts

Last update: 06/17/2019

Temporary Bus Stop Closure: for line 66 in Milpitas 6/18 - 8/27

Light Rail Service Disruption: June 22-23, Bus Bridge for 901 & 902, north & southbound between Karina and Santa Clara stations.

Cottle Parking Lot Closed for Repaving: No Parking at the Cottle Light Rail Station June 22, 23, and 29.

Temporary Bus Stop Closures: for lines 22, 23 & 323 in May and June.