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Test Drive


Based on user feedback, we’ve added projects to the redesigned beta site and improved the transit trip planning features. The site is still a work in progress, and your ongoing feedback is important.
Visit and use the short survey or feedback buttons to tell us what you think.

We encourage you to try out some of the following common tasks:

  1. The Project Finder to view projects you’re interested in
  2. Learn about VTA’s Board of Directors, committees, and meetings
  3. Learn about VTA career opportunities and benefits
  4. Get real-time arrivals (improved)
  5. Plan a trip (improved)
  6. Look up a schedule (improved)
We’re focusing first on the most heavily used parts of the website, based on user input and web traffic data. We’ll be adding much more over the coming weeks and months. hosts information about transit service, projects, programs, governance, employment, and more.

If you’d like to stay involved, subscribe to updates as the beta site evolves.

Redesign Strategy

Our strategy is user-centered and data-driven. Our design decisions will continue to be focused on the needs of real users—like you!
For example, our usability testing and early beta testing feedback showed that the Trip Planner and Real Time features on the homepage needed some work. We hope you find the update more intuitive and easy.
Learn more about our user research and design process to date in this Headways post.


Because we're giving you an early peek at this new site, you may encounter some bugs. If you do, please let us know by
  1. Clicking the Feedback button on the right side of every page
  2. Submitting a rating and comment that includes the steps you went through, what happened
  3. Include a screenshot using the square selector tool
  4. Allow us to see details about your browser and the page you were using


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