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Board of Directors Meeting

June 23, 2000
8:40 AM

Board of Supervisors' Chambers
County Government Center
70 West Hedding Street
San Jose, California



To help you better understand, follow, and participate in the meeting, the following information is provided:

  • Persons wishing to address the Board of Directors on any item on the agenda, should complete a form located at the speakers' podium and hand it to the Board Secretary. Speakers will be called to address the Board when their agenda item(s) arise during the meeting. Speakers are asked to limit their total presentations to a maximum of 5 minutes for each side of the issue. Individual speakers are requested to limit their comments to 2 minutes.
  • The Consent Agenda items may be voted on in one motion at the beginning of the meeting. If you wish to discuss any of these items, please request the item to be removed from the Consent Agenda by completing a form at the speakers' podium and handing it to the Board Secretary.
  • Items with an asterisk (*) may be adopted on the Consent Agenda after the ordinance titles are read into the record by the Chairperson or the Board Secretary.
  • All reports for items on the open meeting agenda are available for review in the Board Secretary's Office, 3331 North First Street, San Jose, California, (408) 321-5680, the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday prior to the meeting. This information is also available at the meeting.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), those requiring accommodations for this meeting should notify the Board Secretary's Office 48 hours prior to the meeting at (408) 321-5680 or or TDD: (408) 321-2330. VTA's Homepage is on the Web at:



San Jose Hyatt, Castillian Room
1740 North First Street, San Jose, California



3. PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS: This portion of the meeting is reserved for persons desiring to address the Board of Directors on any item within the Board's jurisdiction. Speakers are limited to 2 minutes. The law does not permit Board action or extended discussion of any item not on the agenda except under special circumstances. If Board action is requested, the matter can be placed on a subsequent agenda. All statements that require a response will be referred to staff for reply in writing.

4. Approve amendments to the Administrative Code provisions governing Purchasing and Contracting (Chapter 9), to add a new Article III, pertaining to the Responsibility of Bidders and Contractors. (Gifford)

5. Authorize the General Manager to amend the contract with Mark Thomas & Co. for final design of the I-880 Widening Project to include the new Coyote Creek/Brokaw Road Bridge, increasing the approved contract by $950,000 for a new value not to exceed $4,160,000. (Evanhoe)

6. Authorize the General Manager to execute a contract with R&L Brosamer, Inc., the lowest responsible bidder, in the amount of $45,936,940, for construction of the Tasman East Light Rail Project - I-880 to Autumnvale Civil & Structural improvements. This contract is 88% federally funded. (Collins)

7. Authorize the General Manager to execute a contract with Dennis J. Amoroso Construction Co., Inc., the lowest responsible bidder for the North Division Reconstruction Project, in the amount of $20,994,000. This contract is 80% federally funded. (Pierson)

8. Adopt a support position for the following pieces of legislation: AB 1968 (Wiggins) - Collaborative Planning Grants, AB 2140 (Keeley) - Regional Transportation Plans, AB 2366 (Margett) - Design-Build Contracting, AB 2931 (Committee on Transportation) - Seven-Year STIP, SB 1726 (Burton) - Zero-Emission Vehicles and SB 1815 (Vasconcellos) - Smart-Growth Planning; and further, adopt an oppose position for the following piece of legislation: AB 2929 (Torlakson) - BART Buy-In. (Kurt Evans)

9. Receive a status report on VTP 2020 Schedule. (Gonot)

10. Review and discuss VTP 2020 Process for Project Selection, Planning, Programming and Delivery. (Evanhoe/Gonot)

11. Consider and discuss the Bicycle Expenditure Plan and Related Funding Program Changes. (Gonot)

12. Consider and discuss VTP 2020 Financial Scenarios and Sales Tax Expenditure Program. (Evanhoe/Gonot)

13. Adopt a Recommendation to the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors for a Proposed Expenditure Program for a 2000 Transportation Ballot Measure. (Evanhoe)

14. CLOSED SESSION (the Board will convene in Closed Session during lunch, the Agenda therefore may be taken out of order):

Conference with Real Property Negotiator
[Government Code 54956.8]

Property: (a) Railroad of Right-of-Way located within the Vasona Rail Corridor from Diridon Station in San Jose to Winchester Boulevard in Campbell; (b) trackage rights on existing Caltrain system in south Santa Clara County between Tamien Station and Gilroy; (c) trackage rights in the South Bay Corridor between Union City and Diridon Station in San Jose.

Negotiator for Purchaser, VTA: Scott Buhrer, Chief Financial Officer; David Miller, Special Counsel.

Negotiator for Purchaser, Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board: David Miller, General Counsel

Negotiator for Seller, Union Pacific Railroad: Robert Starzell, President Corporate Relations



16. ADJOURNMENT to the Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors scheduled for Thursday, August 3, 2000, at 6:00 PM in the Board of Supervisors' Chambers, County Government Center, 70 West Hedding Street, San Jose, California.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), those requiring accommodations or accessible media for this meeting should notify the Board Secretary's Office 48 hours prior to the meeting at (408) 321-5680 or E-mail: or TDD (408) 321-2330. VTA's Homepage is located on the web at: