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Board of Directors Meeting

June 28, 2002

Mt. Olive Ministries
Community Life Center
1989 E. Calaveras Boulevard
Milpitas, California

Summary Minutes

1. CALLED TO ORDER at 10:05 a.m.

The agenda was taken out of order



Members Present: Beall (Ex-Officio), Chavez, Cortese, Gage, Gonzales, Kennedy, Lawson, Mossar, Nadler, Pirzynski, Valerio, Williams,

Members Absent: Alvarado, Dando, La Poll, McHugh,
McLemore (Ex-Officio), Springer, Yeager

3. Approved the recommended project description for the Silicon Valley Rapid Transit Corridor BART Extension to Milpitas, San Jose and Santa Clara, as amended.

Requested that the Motion be amended to include the construction of a set of tracks known as a “portal” and a strategy for the next phase of this project to have an opportunity and an option to potentially connect directly to the San Jose airport.

Requested that both San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Board of Directors and Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Board of Directors approve the optional station in Milpitas. Expressed concern over the Dixon Landing Road Alignment and noted appreciation of the opportunity to have all possible options studied for that location.

Requested information on the Caltrain station connectivity with BART in this project.

Inquired about the optional station in Milpitas and requested information on the impact to the overall cost of the project.

Requested information on how to plan for a BART connection directly to the San Jose airport.

Inquired if both options for the Automated People Mover (APM) are being considered: 1. construction underneath the runway or
2. around the runway. Inquired about the travel time difference between the two options. Requested surveys to be conducted and results presented to determine which option passengers prefer.

Inquired whether the decision to not make a direct connection with BART to the San Jose airport was an alignment or funding issue. Requested information on the APM in relation to connectivity and baggage issues with passengers transferring from the BART system to the APM.

Noted that BART chose the APM option for the connection to the Oakland airport.

Requested information about security issues concerning vehicles at BART stations for passengers traveling to the airport.


Inquired about the study being conducted to determine if a direct connection to the Dublin/Pleasanton station will be constructed. Requested information on how much effort will be made toward this study and expressed concern over how projected ridership numbers could change dramatically if a direct connection was presented as an option to residents in that area.

Inquired about the alignment of BART in a trench on Montague Expressway near the Union Pacific Railroad building. Inquired about station spacing between Civic Plaza and Market Street. Inquired if parking structures built in this project will accommodate long-term parking and if passengers will have to pay for parking.

Stated that a report was prepared on the proposed Major Investment Study (MIS) and comments forwarded to VTA and the local Federal Transit Administration (FTA) office. Stated that a fault in this project is not looking at the possible result for a projected 30 to 40-year time frame. Noted that a project description with mandated transit oriented development in terms of zoning, with minimal parking would be preferred. Recommended connections to transit like buses and van service. Stated that the BART system should be constructed to be more accessible to VTA’s Light Rail System.

Stated that in order for this project to be a success the following items must be considered: quality of inter-modal stations, connection between different systems and land use around stations. Further stated that the connection at Montague
Expressway and Capitol Expressway should be a direct connection to the light rail system. Stated that the proposed BART station and the proposed light rail station should be moved so that the two systems actually meet for transfers between the two systems. Expressed concern for the connection with the light rail system and the BART station on Alum Rock Avenue. Stated that the light rail station should be moved to be closer to the BART station; the Market Street station should be connected to the transit mall and not proceed with a split concourse as proposed, but instead connect the First Street and Second Street parts of the transit mall with the BART station at that location; recommended the Crandall Street option for the Diridon Station location; Recommended extending the APM to the Diridon station. Noted that the agreement between BART and VTA calls for stationary plans. Stated there is a need for access standards to be established. Inquired about how the stationary plans will be developed and land use. Expressed concern about facility standards. Expressed concern about developing the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and then finding out things are missing from the document. Suggested the development of standards and stationary plans and requested return to both Board of Directors (BART/VTA) for approval. Requested a check-in with both Boards at the mid-point of the EIS/EIR process, not at the end, to present the proposed document.

Inquired about how to make formal input to the Silicon Valley Rapid Transit Corridor Policy Advisory Board.

Requested a schedule of the standards that need to be developed to complete the EIS/EIR document.

Ed Blackmond, interested citizen, urged VTA/BART Board of Directors to construct a BART station at the San Jose airport.

Bruce Stevens, interested citizen, expressed concern over the alignment of the Montague Expressway station.

Robert Carvalho, interested citizen, expressed concern over the issue of connectivity between the BART and Light Rail particularly at the Alum Rock and Diridon stations.

Jerry Grace, interested citizen, thanked VTA/BART Board for their efforts in this project.

Cindy Marota, Director of San Jose State University Disability Resource Center, expressed concern over the issue of connectivity for the area in Downtown San Jose near San Fernando Street, Santa Clara Street, and the Diridon station and asked that consideration be given to the impact on the disabled community.


There were no Public Presentations.

5. ADJOURNED at 11:35 a.m.