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Mountain View/Whisman Light Rail Station Shutdown

Riders Notice Light Rail Shutdown

April 25 and 26, 2015 Substitute Bus Service Available

Bus Bridge Schedule:

Special Instructions:

Northbound light rail trains will serve Whisman, but will not continue to Mountain View. The bus bridge between Middlefield and Mountain View stations will not serve Whisman, therefore passengers will have to use light rail to travel to/from Whisman station.  

Following are special instructions for riders who need to use the Mountain View, Whisman, or Middlefield light rail stations:

Mountain View

Departing from Mountain View:  Board the "Middlefield" bus bridge vehicle to Middlefield, then transfer to light rail. Passengers can continue southbound on "Winchester" trains.  Passengers needing to go to Whisman will board the northbound train toward "Mountain View"
Note: Bus bridge departs Mountain View approximately 10 minutes earlier than the train would normally depart. Traveling to Mountain View: (except from Whisman station)

Traveling to Mountain View: Transfer to the "Mountain View" bus bridge at the Middlefield Station.
Note: Bus bridge arrives at Mountain View approximately 10 minutes later than the train would normally arrive.

Whisman Station

To Mountain View: Board Winchester train, transfer to the "Mountain View" bus bridge at the Middlefield Station.
Note: Passengers traveling from Whisman Station to Mountain view will have to back track on light rail to board the bus bridge.

Traveling to all other destinations:  No impacts to service, board “Winchester” train.

Middlefield Station

Traveling from Middlefield Station:
To Mountain View: Exit light rail and board bus bridge to "Mountain View".
To Whisman Station: Ride light rail to Whisman Station.
​All other destinations: No impacts to service, board “Winchester” train.

Mountain View Light Rail Double Track Project

These light rail shutdowns are necessary because crews need extended access to modify existing track and add new track, switches and crossovers.  For more project information: Mountain View Double Track project page.

For service related information, please contact VTA Customer Service at (408) 321-2300 or TTY only, (408) 321-2330.

For project related information, please contact VTA Community Outreach at (408) 321-7575 or TTY only, (408) 321-2330. 

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