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Another Continuous Construction Activity Weekend for MV Double Track Project

Mountain View Light Rail Double Track Project 
Construction Update

Friday, July 31, 2015

There will be no light rail service between the Mountain View and Lockheed stations this weekend as around-the-clock construction activities continue for the Mountain View Light Rail Double Track Project. 

Substitute bus service will be provided in the impacted area. Passengers travelling toward the Lockheed Station should arrive at their station 15 to 20 minutes early. Passengers travelling toward Mountain View will arrive at their destination 15 to 20 minutes later than scheduled. 

Impacted stations include Mountain View, Whisman, Middlefield, Bayshore, Moffett Park and Lockheed. Other stations should not be impacted and, except for the substitute bus service to these stations, light rail will maintain its typical weekend schedule. 

More information on the substitute bus service, including the location of the temporary “bus bridge” bus stops, is available at

Construction will take place throughout the construction zone, which runs from the Mountain View Transit Center to Whisman Station. Crews will be working throughout the night in the section between Central Expressway and the Whisman Station. 

Activities this weekend will include placing overhead electrical system poles and installing wiring, building foundations for new traffic signaling equipment, track bed and drainage installation work, electrical infrastructure work and materials delivery. 

Crews will be on site continuously throughout the weekend. 

Traffic Impacts: 
Lane closures on Central Expressway will be set up as necessary throughout the weekend. 

Inquiries regarding this project should be directed to:
VTA Community Outreach
(408) 321-7575

Mountain View Double Track Project
The Mountain View Double Track project, one of a series of projects known as the VTA Light Rail Train Efficiency Program, includes installing a second set of light rail tracks between the Mountain View and Whisman stations. The work will require the closure of the underutilized Evelyn Light Rail Station. The purpose of this project is to eliminate the current bottle neck caused by the single track operation in this area of Mountain View and provide storage space to stage multiple vehicles to service future BART service and special events at Levi’s Stadium. 

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