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Mountain View to Middlefield Bus Bridge Sept.5-13

As construction on the Mountain View Light Rail Double Track continues, there will be no light rail service between the Mountain View and Middlefield stations September 5 through September 13. Instead, substitute bus service will be provided. 

For most riders, the bus bridge adds approximately 10 minutes to their light rail trip. Bus bridge vehicles leave Mountain View approximately 10 minutes earlier than shown on the light rail schedule, while buses from Middlefield will reach Mountain View approximately 10 minutes later than shown on the light rail schedule. 

Travel times for some Whisman riders will be more extended. Specific schedule information can be obtained by calling VTA Customer Service at (408) 321-2300, TTY only (408) 321-2330. 

Light rail service from Whisman to Middlefield should be available except for Wednesday and Thursday, when a bus bridge will be used to link the two stations. There will be no direct service between Whisman and Mountain View during the extended closure. Instead, all such trips will need to include travelling to Middlefield Station first. 

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