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Weekend Work for Whisman Station Area

Construction Update

October 6, 2015

Weekend Work for Whisman Station Area

Crews will be working this upcoming weekend as they continue to wrap up construction activities along the section of new light rail track being installed between Central Expressway and Whisman Light Rail Station. Construction in the area is slated to be completed later this month, with an extended training and testing period scheduled through early next year. 

Activities scheduled for this weekend primarily involve working with the overhead electrical system. While trucks and crews will be onsite for a significant portion of the weekend, noise levels should be significantly reduced compared to previous weekends, when activities involved heavy machinery for work with rock and heavy steel rails. 

9 p.m. Friday, October 9 through 5 a.m., Monday, October 12, 2015. 

Crews will be onsite Friday night, with work beginning in earnest after the last light rail train leaves the area shortly after 11 p.m. While the majority of the work will be done during daytime hours, crews will be on site and working all three nights. 

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