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Middlefield-Mountain View Bus Bridge Oct. 10-11

Service Notice

October 6, 2015

Middlefield to Mountain View Bus Bridge Oct 10-11

Substitute bus service will be provided between the Mountain View and Middlefield light rail stations while crews work on the overhead electrical system for the new, second track being built between the Mountain View and Whisman stations. 

This substitute bus service typically adds about 10 minutes to trips between the two stations. The bus bridge service departs Mountain View for Middlefield approximately 10 minutes earlier than the time published in the light rail schedule, while the bus bridge from Middlefield will arrive at Mountain View approximately 10 minutes later than shown in the schedule. 

There will be no direct Whisman to Mountain View service, either by bus bridge or light rail. These riders will need to instead use the Middlefield/Mountain View bus bridge. Whisman Station will have light rail service from Middlefield, so any riders beginning their trip at Whisman will be able to board the Winchester train and ride it to Middlefield, where they will have a choice of either boarding the bus bridge vehicle to Mountain View or continuing their trip on the Winchester train. 

Beginning of the service day, Saturday, October 10 to end of the service day, Sunday, October 11, 2015.

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