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Mountain View Rail Grinding Begins Sunday Night

Mountain View Light Rail Double Track Project
Construction Update

March 16, 2016


Rail grinding and profiling are maintenance procedures that use a large, track-based grinding machine to remove imperfections from the track. Rail grinding will typically reduce the noise generated by steel wheel to steel track contact. This noise is often most prevalent where there are curves in the track, such as those found in the rail corridor between Central Expressway and Whisman Station in Mountain View.

Rail grinding is a noisy process that also produces sparks and requires multiple workers adjacent to the grinding machine. For those reasons, rail grinding work is done at night while revenue trains are not operating in the area. Rail grinding will be implemented on both the newly installed track and the older track. While rail grinding is not expected to impact light rail service, nearby residents and businesses will experience heightened noise levels while the grinder is operating. 


Between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m., beginning Sunday, March 20, with completion anticipated by the evening of Wednesday, March 23.


The track scheduled for grinding runs from the Mountain View Station to just past the Whisman Station. 
For the Whisman Station area, the rail grinder is tentatively scheduled to predominately operate on Sunday and Tuesday nights.


The newly installed track is in need of grinding in order to remove rust and other imperfections, while the original track was already scheduled for profiling later this year. 

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