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MV Rail Grinding Completed

Mountain View Light Rail Double Track Project
Project Update

March 29, 2016

Grinding the light rail track between the Mountain View and Whisman stations is now complete and the abrasive metal-to-metal noise near Whisman Station has been resolved. Although a low hum now exists, the contractor expects it to subside over the next several weeks. Meanwhile, VTA will continue to monitor noise levels in this corridor. 

With the light rail double track construction project finalized, VTA is able to better maintain service schedules in and out of the Mountain View Station. The station is a major connection point between Caltrain and VTA so the increase in reliability is a significant public benefit.   

Additional service to Mountain View Station will be considered when VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Berryessa Extension to Milpitas and north San Jose opens in 2017. A revised service plan will be presented to the public by Spring of 2017.

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