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Temporary Bus Stop Closures

When: 24 Hours through March 31st
City: Cupertino
Why: Construction
Line Affected: 81
Alternate Stops: Westbound: Homestead Rd. and Swallow Dr. - Eastbound: Tantau Ave. and Forge Drive

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Last update: 04/25/2018

Reroute of Lines 12, 61, 62: due to Nihonmachi Run 4/29

Reroutes of Lines 48 and 49: due to "The Great Race" 4/30

Light Rail Service Impacts, 5/6/18: Bus bridge between Baypointe and Civic Center stations, serving all light rail stations in between.

Temporary Bus Stop Closure: for line 42 in San Jose 4/17 - 4/27