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El Camino Real at Showers Bus Stop Repairs

location of temporary bus stop

Impacts to Lines 22, 40 and 522

Work at this location:

  • Monday, September 18 through Monday, October 2, 2017.

Activity at this location:

  1. Installation of new concrete bus pad
  2. Curb and gutter repairs
  3. Replacement of damaged sidewalk sections
  4. Replacement of damaged asphalt 

Special Note: Access to the parking lot adjacent to the Chase Bank will be maintained at all times. 

Overview:  The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority places concrete bus pads in roadways at bus stops to protect the overall condition of the roadway. This project will repair or replace damaged pads and or curbs at multiple locations throughout Santa Clara County. At several locations, additional work will be done to repair sidewalks and enhance accessibility for mobility-impaired individuals. 

Construction activities: Saw cutting, demolition and removal of existing concrete, earthwork and pouring of new concrete. Stops will typically be closed for approximately 12 days, including a seven-day period of cure time for the new concrete. Crews will work during weekday daylight hours, although weekend work is also permitted. Local municipalities may further restrict work hours at some locations. Some locations will be done in two phases, requiring 24 days to complete.

Impacts to motorists and bicyclists:  The adjacent traffic lane will be closed while crews are working.

Impacts to bus riders:  A temporary bus stop will be located near the closed stop.

Impacts to pedestrians and nearby residents or businesses: Temporary pedestrian detours may be set up while crews are working on site. Those close to the work site may experience noise from concrete demolition or placement while construction activities are taking place.

For more information: VTA Community Outreach, (408) 321-7575, hearing impaired TTY only (408) 321-2330 or e-mail

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