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Rail Construction at Taylor, Hedding
Taylor, Hedding Construction Work ZonesWHEN: 
Friday, October 13 at 11 pm through Sunday, November 12 at 4 am 
Weather, scheduling, and conditions permitting 
Concrete jackhammering and rail cutting, concrete removal, and demolition of existing facilities. Noise from cutting and demolition. Late night/early morning construction work. Noise from the vehicle back up alarms. 
(1) Overnight Light Rail construction near the intersection of First and Hedding Streets. 
(2) Overnight Light Rail construction near the intersection of First and Taylor Streets. 
Weekend Bus Bridge on Saturday, October 28, 2017, and Sunday, October 29, 2017, due to the temporary closure of Civic Center and Japantown/Ayer stations. The Bus Bridge will operate along North First Street, between Gish and Santa Clara.  
CONTACT INFORMATION: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm 
VTA Community Outreach 408-321-7575 TYY: 408-321-2330 

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Last update: 06/18/2018

Temporary Bus Stop Closure: for lines 60, Due to construction 6/19 - 6/22

Temporary Bus Stop Closure: for line 70, Due to Evergreen Circle development construction 6/7-12/17/18

July Service Changes: take effect on Monday, July 2

Temporary Bus Stop Relocation: for lines 25 & 60 5/28- 8/21