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VTA Service Impacts, November 12

Please take a moment to see how your commute may be impacted due to a Levi's stadium event on Friday November 30. We encourage customers to give themselves additional time for their PM commute.

Planned Reroutes 

When: 9:30 a.m. - 11 p.m. Monday November 30
Rerouted Lines: 140 & 330
 From Old Ironsides, buses will turn right on Tasman, left on Great America Pkwy., right on Great America Way, right on Lafayette, left on Calle de Luna, right on Calle del Sol, left on Tasman to regular route.

LINES 140 & 330 SOUTHBOUND: From Tasman, buses will turn right on Calle del Sol, left on Calle de Luna, right on Lafayette, left on Great America Way, left on Great America Pkwy., right on Tasman, to regular route.

**Please note that reroutes are subject to change without notice and bus operators will observe all coach stops along reroute as temporary stops and also observe stop requests where it is safe to stop.**

Potential delays

Lines 55, 57, 60, 121, 321 & Light Rail Service: Customers may experience delays due to an increased number of passengers and vehicle traffic during the p.m. commute near the Great America area in Santa Clara. 

ACE Shuttle Time Adjustment

Due to street closures and traffic congestion for a Levi’s Stadium event, all VTA ACE Shuttles will operate P.M. shuttle service 15 minutes EARLIER than the printed times in the current ACE Shuttle brochure. The shuttles will pick up customers at all of the regular bus stops along the shuttle route. Customers will need to arrive at their stop 15 minutes earlier than the regular posted schedule times on this day only.

VTA Light Rail will operate its normal weekday schedule on this date and is an alternative for P.M. shuttle passengers who have easy access to VTA Light Rail.

For alternate trip plans or additional information please contact Customer Service at (408) 321-2300 or email at


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