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Cindy Chavez
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Capital Program Committee (CPC): Member

Safety, Security, and Transit Planning and Operations (SSTPO): Chairperson

BART Silicon Valley Ad Hoc Committee: Chairperson

Ad Hoc Financial Stability Committee: Member

BART Silicon Valley Governance Ad Hoc Committee: Member

Diridon Station Joint Policy Advisory Board: Member

Eastridge to BART Regional Connector Policy Advisory Board: Member

Governance and Audit Committee: Member

Board of Directors: VTA Board Member

Ad Hoc Committee – Envision Silicon Valley: Member

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Last update: 12/17/2018

Temporary Bus Stop Closure: for line 25 12/18 - 12/21

January Service Changes: take effect on Monday, January 14, 2019

Temporary Bus Stop Closure: for lines 40, 120, 185 & ACE Orange Shuttle through 6/3/19

Freeway Closure 12/16-12/19: SR 237 Express Lanes Phase 2 Extension