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Devora "Dev" Davis

Devora Davis

Board of Directors: VTA Alternate Board Member

Capital Program Committee (CPC): Alternate Member

Congestion Management Program & Planning Committee (CMPP): Alternate Member

Safety, Security, and Transit Planning and Operations (SSTPO): Alternate Member

Administration and Finance Committee (A&F): Alternate

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Last update: 06/17/2019

Temporary Bus Stop Closure: for line 66 in Milpitas 6/18 - 8/27

Light Rail Service Disruption: June 22-23, Bus Bridge for 901 & 902, north & southbound between Karina and Santa Clara stations.

Cottle Parking Lot Closed for Repaving: No Parking at the Cottle Light Rail Station June 22, 23, and 29.

Temporary Bus Stop Closures: for lines 22, 23 & 323 in May and June.