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Citizens Watchdog Committee

In November 2000, the voters in Santa Clara County approved Measure A, a 30-year half cent sales tax devoted to transit projects. The Measure A ballot mandated that an independent citizens watchdog committee, consisting of VTA’s Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC),
  • Review all 2000 Measure A expenditures.
  • Have an audit conducted each fiscal year by an independent auditor to ensure tax dollars are being spent in accordance with the intent of the measure.
  • Hold public hearings and issue reports “on at least an annual basis to inform Santa Clara County residents how the funds are being spent.”
  • Publish the results of the independent audit and the annual report in local newspapers.

On April 1, 2006 the Citizens Advisory Committee assumed its duties as the Citizens Watchdog Committee (CWC) for the 2000 Measure A program.

The VTA Board of Directors is responsible for implementation of the 2000 Measure A Program and for all policy-related decisions including the composition, implementation schedule and funding level of projects. The Citizens Watchdog Committee is responsible for reviewing 2000 Measure A expenditures to ensure funds are being spent in accordance with the intent of the ballot.

A ballot-defined requirement is that the CWC must hold public hearings at least annually. This is done to provide the opportunity for the community to express to the CWC its views, opinions and concerns on 2000 Measure A Program expenditures, the results of the annual independent audit, and on 2000 Measure A Program reports.

The CWC utilizes several sources of information to evaluate whether 2000 Measure A tax dollars were spent in accordance with the intent of the measure. This includes 2000 Measure A Program reports, the results of the annual independent audit commissioned by the Committee, and information and comments received at the public hearings conducted by the CWC. The Committee evaluates this and any other information received to render its conclusion on if 2000 Measure A tax dollars were spent in accordance with the intent of the measure during the fiscal year in question.

Once the Committee has developed its conclusion, the CWC's finding and a notification that the CWC’s Annual Report is completed and available to the public are published in local newspapers. These items are also prominently posted on VTA’s website. 

Additional CWC Information