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Bicycle Expenditure Program (BEP)

The Bicycle Expenditure Program (BEP) was first adopted in 2000 by the VTA Board of Directors as the funding mechanism for countywide bicycle projects. Approximately every four years, VTA updates the BEP Project List, which is a list of bicycle projects that can be funded over the next 25 years within the constraints of anticipated bicycle funding. The BEP project list is incorporated into the Valley Transportation Plan, Santa Clara County’s  Long  Range Transportation Plan, as the bicycle element of that plan. The funds programmed towards BEP projects come from a combination of funding programs.
  • 1996 Measure B sales tax
  • Transportation Fund for Clean Air 40% Program (TFCA 40%)
  • Transportation Development Act Article 3 Pedestrian Bicycle Program (TDA 3)
  • Regional Bicycle/Pedestrian Program Funds (RBPP)
  • Federal Transportation Enhancement
  • Federal Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ)

Bicycle Expenditure Plan Project List 2040 – Adopted May 2013‚Äč

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