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Transit Passenger Environment Plan

The Transit Passenger Environment Plan is now complete. The plan takes a fresh look at how VTA thinks about bus stops including:
  • Detailed policies for bus stop amenities so that VTA's bus stop decisions are more transparent. The policies make it easier for cities, developers and the public to work with VTA regarding bus stops and even identify areas where VTA can partner with other agencies or groups to improve bus stops.
  • New, modern, more functional shelter designs. We're moving away from the boxy, blue shelter design and towards designs that are more attractive and better fit with the surrounding neighborhood. We're also open to custom designs that can be integrated into new developments.
  • A methodology to prioritize bus stop amenity improvements. In order to maximize the passenger benefit per dollar spent, we're prioritizing amenity improvements toward bus stops with higher ridership. This methodology will not apply to accessibility improvements.
  • Defining bus stop classifications and expected levels of amenities so that cities and developers can know what is expected at a bus stop based on its ridership.
The Plan was developed over the first half of 2014 with input and review from VTA's advisory and standing committees. For more information, please contact community.outreach@vta.

Click here to download the final Transit Passenger Improvement Plan

Click here to download the ‚ÄčBus Stop and Passenger Facilities Standards

Clickhere to download the VTA Bus Stop Placement, Closures and Relocation Policy 

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