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VTA Helps Keep the Valley Green

Did you know a two-car household can reduce its carbon emissions 30% by replacing two cars with public transit?

Public Transportation...

  • is estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 37 million metric tons annually.
  • saves fuel, reduces an individual’s carbon footprint, and reduces congestion.
  • provides an immediate option individuals can take to reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • use by a solo commuter switching his/her commute from a private vehicle can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20 pounds per day—more than 4,800 pounds in a year.
  • use saves the U.S. the equivalent of 4.2 billion gallons of gasoline annually—more than 11 million gallons of gasoline per day.
  • provides an affordable alternative to driving. A person who switches their daily commute by car to taking public transportation is estimated to save $9,234 every year. Individuals who ride public transportation instead of driving can save, on average, more that $769 per month- even more as the price of fuel rises.  

VTA Keep the Valley Green LogoThe Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is committed to creating a greener Santa Clara Valley through its Sustainability Program. The program seeks to meet today's needs without compromising future generations. VTA's Sustainability Program will strengthen VTA's commitment to the environment through the conservation of natural resources, the reduction of greenhouse gases, the prevention of pollution, and the use of renewable energy and materials.

Learn how VTA Helps Keep the Valley Green!

thumbnail image of cover of 2013 VTA Sustainability Report

VTA's 2015 Sustainability Report includes data on VTA’s use of fuel, energy, water, and its generation of waste. The report also describes VTA’s current and past accomplishments, current initiatives, and future plans.

Download VTA's 2015 Sustainability Report (PDF)
Download VTA's 2014 Sustainability Report (PDF)
Download VTA's 2013 Sustainability Report (PDF)​
Download VTA's 2012 Sustainability Report (PDF)


The BART Silicon Valley Sustainability Factsheet highlights the sustainability features of VTA's Berryessa Extension Project. The Sustainability Program Factsheet documents projects and programs that save fuel, water, and energy in VTA operations. The Solar Factsheet documents the environmental benefits and savings of the solar parking structures installed at VTA's bus maintenance divisions.

Download the VTA BART Silicon Valley Sustainability Factsheet (PDF)
Download VTA's Sustainability Program Factsheet (PDF)
Download VTA's Solar Factsheet (PDF)

 VTA Combating Climate Change Document

VTA Combating Climate Change details legislative efforts aimed at fighting climate change. This brochure also highlights the environmental benefits of public transit for protecting the environment and VTA’s sustainability efforts focusing on providing public transportation services in an environmentally friendly way.

Download Combating Climate Change Brochure (PDF)


VTA is Awarded the American Public Transportation Association's Sustainability Commitment Gold Level Recognition. As a voluntary participant in the Sustainability Commitment, VTA accomplished reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and improved resource efficiency, resulting in the Gold Level Recognition award.  

Link to Sustainability Commitment (APTA Website)

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