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Consolidated Biological Mitigation Project

Field Activity Report

map of Consolidated Biological Mitigation




This project will mitigate the biological impacts from the following 1996 Measure B Projects: Capitol Light Rail, Vasona Light Rail, Interstate 880, U.S. 101 Widening, Route 17 Improvements, Route 85/U.S. 101 (North) Interchange (Mountain View), Route 85/Route 87 Interchange, and Route 85/U.S. 101 (South) Interchange (San Jose). The mitigation will be performed on approximately 20 acres of land at two sites along Coyote Creek: near Tennant Road and the Route 85/U.S. 101 (South) Interchange; and near Riverside Drive and the Coyote Creek Golf Course, adjacent to the Coyote Creek Parkway.

Project Objective

To provide mitigation for the wetlands, riparian and shaded riverine aquatic habitat impacts due to the 1996 Measure B Projects listed above. Rather than mitigate at each individual project site, the mitigation will be consolidated into two larger sites to maximize habitat benefits.

Project Features

The processes called for by the California Environmental Quality Act and the National Environmental Policy Act are completed for the Consolidated Biological Mitigation Site; the Negative Declaration was approved by the VTA Board on December 14, 2000. The project is divided into two phases: Phase I, the eradication of the non-native, noxious, invasive weed Arundo Donax, was completed in November, 2001. Phase II, the planting of California native plants along Coyote Creek Parkway at the two sites, will begin in late 2003.


During construction, any detours needed for the public hike and bike trail will be provided and clearly marked. After construction, the Coyote Creek Parkway will be maintained by the County of Santa Clara Parks and Recreation Department.

Capital Cost/Project Funding

$7.3 million: $7.15 million from 1996 Measure B funding and $0.15 million from non-Measure B funds.

Project Schedule:

Phase I Construction began: August 2001
Phase I Construction completed: October 2001
Phase II Consturction began: July 2002
Phase II Construction complete: Spring 2004
Monitoring Complete: Spring 2014

How to Reach Us:

For more information on the highway projects or existing bus and rail transit service, call VTA Community Outreach at (408) 321-7576, TDD only (408) 321-2330.