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Light Rail Efficiency

Project Overview

VTA's “Light Rail Efficiency Project” has advanced a series of capital improvements and service changes that were recommended in the 2010 Light Rail Improvement Plan. These changes are necessary to support anticipated growth in the county, including increased density in city-identified priority development areas, as well as the opening of the San Francisco 49ers Levi’s® Stadium, and the extension of BART service to Silicon Valley. Investment in these capital improvements and new service will enable VTA to meet increased ridership demand and improve the system for current riders. Current modeling projects demonstrate that these changes, when fully implemented, will result in travel time savings of as much as 20 - 30% between key origins and destinations.

VTA’s 2010 Light Rail System Analysis found that improvement of our light rail service is enabled by several capital projects. The Light Rail Efficiency Project improvements will increase speeds, improve on-time performance, and minimize customer waiting time between connecting trains. The improvements will address existing system challenges related to single-track segments in Mountain View, Campbell, and San Jose, and also address inadequate transit signal prioritization, track layouts, and roadway designs that slow down service.

The Light Rail Efficiency Project resulted in two construction projects: the Santa Clara Pocket Track and Double Crossover and the Mountain View Double Track.

Construction Projects

Santa Clara Pocket Track and Double Crossover

The Santa Clara Pocket Track involved construction of a third track on Tasman Drive, north of the existing westbound track, between the Reamwood and Old Ironsides Stations, east of Calabazas Creek and installation of a Double Crossover. Learn more about the project, which was completed in January 2015, on the Santa Clara Pocket Track web page.

Mountain View Double Track

The Mountain View Light Rail Double Track Project is now complete. The project added a second light rail track between the Mountain View and Whisman stations in Mountain View. All improvements were fully operational for Super Bowl 50, which was held at Levi's® Stadium in Santa Clara in February 2016.


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